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Standoffs for Thin Material

These standoffs are the ideal solution when thin sheet material is being used. The thin sheet material standoff allows for a flush-head assembly into sheet thicknesses down to .025” (.63mm). These industrial fasteners are readily available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners in several materials and thread sizes (inch and metric).


Standoffs for Thin Sheet Material Properties:

  • Material: Available in the following materials:
    • Non heat-treated carbon steel (finished in Zinc clear)
    • 303 series stainless steel (finished per Passivated ASTM A380)
    • 7075-T6 aluminum (no finish)
  • Suitable for use in: As follows:
    • Non heat-treated carbon steel – use in materials with HRB-60 or less
    • 303 series stainless steel – use in materials with HRB-70 or less
    • 7075-T6 aluminum – use in materials with HRB-50 or less
  • Available thread sizes:
    • Inch: #2-56, #4-40, #6-32
    • Metric (mm): M2.5, 6M2.5, M3, 6M3, M3.5

Thin Material Standoff Application notes:

  • The thin-sheet standoff is inserted via use of a manual or automated press device. Depending on thread size and sheet material composition, an installation force of between 1500 and 1800 pounds will be required to securely seat the standoff flush into the sheet material. For sheet thicknesses of between .025” and .032” (.63mm and .81mm) a chamfered anvil should be used. The receiving hole can either be drilled, punched or cut. The resulting hole should not be deburred.
  • When properly inserted, this standoff will be permanently installed and will be flush with its surrounding sheet material.
  • Depending on thread size and composition of sheet material the following performance ranges will be achieved:
    • Push-out performance: Between 68 and 148 pounds
    • Torque-out performance: Between 5 and 14 pounds

When working with thin sheet material it is important to select a standoff that has been specifically designed for that purpose. The thin-sheet standoff from JHP Fasteners will do the job. We offer these standoffs at competitive pricing, and our delivery times are short and reliable.

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