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Flex-5P / Pull to Pressure

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Flex-5 Pull to Pressure tool / M3 - M10 & #4-40 - 3/8-16 rivet nuts & M5 - M8 & #10-24 - 5/16-24 rivet studs

Pro Recommendation: We recommend the Flex-5 series of tools for high volume applications due to its low cost mandrels and light weight for continuous use. If you have a requirement for installing a wide range of thread sizes in a low to moderate volume environment we recommend the RK-50SP tool whch can be found here. The RK-50SP fits the tooling needs of most precision sheet metal fabricators.

The Flex™ 5 is the latest innovation in rivet nut tooling from Sherex Fastening Solutions. The variant shown here is the pull to pressure setup with an upgrade for process monitoring also available if neccesary. The pull to pressure variant is perfect for installing rivet nuts into materials where you know you will have variations in thickness. Unlike the stroke variant, the pressure tool pulls to a specified pressure with each cycle of the tool ensuring a good install in nearly the full range of your rivet nuts grip. Some adjusting may be necessary when at the very top of your grip range so pelase contact us if this is a concern for you and we can guide you through that process. The Flex-5P installs rivet nuts quickly and quietly with adjustments to the pulling pressure made with ease. This tool also features a quick change mandrel design utilizing standard socket head cap screws which leads to a very low cost in disposable tooling when installing large volumes of rivet nuts.

The Sherex Flex™ 5 is a versatile tool for the most demanding applications. Whether building a simple fabrication for a point of sale display or a complex aeronautics assembly requiring detailed process monitoring, the Sherex Flex™ 5 can do the job. If you have an application where you think the Flex™ 5 would be a good fit, please contact us with the application details and we will walk through that process with you to make sure you're getting the right tool for the right job.