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RK-50SP / Pull to Pressure

Price: $1678.32000
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RK-50SP Pull to Pressure tool / M4 - M12 & #8 - 1/2-13 rivet nuts

Pro Recommendation:  We recommend the RK-50SP spin/pull rivet nut tool for low to medium volume applications; mainly due to its average cost for replacement mandrels and widest in class thread range (#8 - 1/2-13). Price wise, the RK-50SP also offers a low barrier to entry for a tool at this level of performance. It is favored 3 to 1 with our precision sheet metal fabricators when compared to the Flex-5 series. If you have a requirement for installing high volumes of rivet nuts or simply prefer the socket head cap screw mandrel design; then we recommend the Flex-5 series of tools. The Flex-5P (Pull to Pressure)  can be found here  and the Flex-5S (Pull to Stroke) can be found here.

The RK-50SP is the workhorse of rivet nut tools from Industrial Rivet and Fastener Company. It comes in a simple to use pull to pressure setup, installing rivet nuts quickly and quietly into a variety of material thicknesses and has a convenient tool-less pressre adjustment. The RK-50SP also features a quick change nose piece design utilizing affordable replacement mandrels and components.

Affordable. The RK-50SP is in a class of it's own with a capacity of up to 1/2" or M12 (nuts) with an affordability on par with buying two, less expensive and very limited spin-spin style tools. Due to its quick change mandrel design utilizing proprietary yet affordable replacement components, you won’t have to pay $50.00 for a special mandrel ever again! It also features a unique modular motor assembly enabling the replacement of specific components when needed without replacing the entire housing as is necessary with other outdated tool designs.

Access control when you need it. The RK-50SP installs most standard rivet nuts made from aluminum, steel or stainless. The ability to adjust the ressure required for each nut size is easily done by the settings available on the bottom of the tool. This also makes them easily accessible for ANY operator to modify. Knowing that can be a concern in these types of tools, Industrial Rivet & Fastener has made accommodations, allowing you to setup the tool with the proper pressure and then render the adjustments inaccessible to the operator on the production line.

Whether producing one off fabrications or running large production runs you should give the RK-50SP a serious look. The RK-50SP is one of the most versatile, user friendly rivet nut tools available today. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing what this tool can do for your production levels.