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Automatic Feed Riveting

May 12, 2015

High speed automatic feed riveting is available and affordable for most precision fabricators and manufacturers. Two different styles of tools and riveting processes meet the bulk of the automatic riveting needs in the market today.

The KingSet™ and RK-753™ Quickriveting® systems are the best tools available for moderate to high volume semi-automatic rivet installation. Between the two types of tools and rivets, you can install 3/32” through 3/16” rivets with a cycle time of only 2 seconds. Combine that with low operator fatigue and a magazine reload time of only 8-10 seconds and you end up with a great system to help increase your production.

The KingSet™ uses standard production blind rivets loaded onto a plastic strip. Using off the shelf rivets keeps costs low and also allows for the occasional hand fed rivet when the situation arises. You can easily negotiate the KingSet™ tool around a large assembly with nothing holding you back but the length of your air line.

The RK-753™ Quickriveting® tool uses a proprietary rivet, bulk loaded on a paper strip. These rivets have no mandrel and leave a clean hole through the rivet once installed. The Quickriveting® system is designed for light to moderate strength assemblies and is also ideal for long reach riveting applications or areas where a low profile may be required for the clinch side of the rivet.

Please review the PDF documentation links above and contact us directly if you have any semi-automatic riveting questions or would like to arrange a demonstration.