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JHP Fasteners and Captive Fastener Corporation

November 16, 2017

JHP Fasteners started out in 1970, selling tooling and equipment to metal fabricators, including machinery designed to install self-clinching fasteners. Customers who purchased this equipment frequently told us, “Now that I’ve got this great machine, I’d like to be able to get my hands on the fasteners in a more timely fashion.” And we listened.

Our fastener journey began with the help of Captive Fastener Corporation. JHP Fasteners is very proud to still represent Captive Fastener Corporation's line of self-clinching fasteners as one of their largest distributors. Their product knowledge and responsive manufacturing time ensure's that we have the capability to get you what you need, when you need it and often more quickly than the competition. Because of our commitment to the customer, JHP Fasteners has grown into a global distributor of industrial fasteners, including self-clinching nutsself-clinching standoffs, and self-clinching studs. There are only a handful of manufacturers in the world dedicated to the production of these fasteners, though the need for the product continues to grow. Click here to see our self-clinching line card, or Please contact JHP Fasteners directly for any of your Self Clinching Fastener Needs!