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Blind, Solid & Tubular Rivets

Rivets were once the most popular fastener when it came to joining two steel plates together. From boat building to avionics to automotives, rivets were used to hold the steel together. Rivets are permanent fasteners installed into preexisting holes, used to cinch two pieces of material together. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Whether you are looking for inch or metric rivets, blind rivets, solid rivets or semi-tubular rivets, JHP Fasteners has the size and style you need for your application.

Rivets are manufactured with a head on the end of a round shaft in a wide variety of designs and sizes. During installation, the tail end expands to create a second “head”. This provides additional strength for a better load and allows the rivet to be secured in place. Choosing the rivets that work for your specific application is determined by a variety of factors:

  • Length and diameter of rivet needed
  • Space limitations
  • Load and shear values
  • Installation tools
  • Host material
  • Choice of head design

Solid and semi-tubular rivets are available with various head designs including universal, round, flat, brazier, and countersunk. The flat head rivet is generally the strongest and most secure. Solid rivets are the oldest, safest, and most reliable type of rivet. All of these fasteners are available in inch or metric measurements. They come in various materials with optional finishing for aesthetic purposes.

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