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CD Weld Grounding Studs

A capacitor discharge (CD) Electrical Grounding Stud is used to make a grounding connection between a chassis and an isolated component, and can be applied in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and automotive applications. The head and the threads on this weld stud provide a solid attachment point for a wire or cable that connects the assembly chassis to an isolated component or subassembly. The large weld base provides extra contact area for the attachment of a lug terminal. These industrial fasteners are available from JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials, dimensions, and thread sizes (inch and metric).

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1/4-20 CD Weld Grounding Studs
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M6 CD Weld Grounding Studs
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M8 CD Weld Grounding Studs
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Typical Properties of the Grounding Stud


Your choice of Mild Steel (copper plate) or Stainless Steel

Available Thread Sizes

1/4-20, M6, M8

Available Stud Lengths

0.590”, 0.750”, 16.0mm

Application Notes

When properly welded, using the capacitance discharge method, there will be no reverse side marking. This is due to the minimal thermal impact on the material during the welding process. When properly welded, this weld stud will provide a robust electrical connection between the assembly chassis and an isolated component. Only 110v power is required for the welding process and these weld studs can be attached using standard CD welding equipment.

For applications that require a weld stud that will provide a solid electrical connection between a chassis and an external component or subassembly, this electrical grounding stud will get the job done. It is user-friendly and will provide excellent connectivity reliability.

We invite you to take advantage of our broad range of industry experience and expertise. We will take the time to answer all your questions in full and provide you with the guidance necessary to allow you to make informed purchase decisions. Once you make a product selection, JHP Fasteners will provide you with competitive pricing and outstanding delivery performance.

Contact us for any industrial fastener requirement you may have. We will work hard to win, and retain, your business!


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