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Nylon/Plastic Round Unthreaded Spacers

Unthreaded fasteners are available with inch or metric measurements. They are generally installed over the top of screws to space out or stack circuit boards or paneling. Spacers can be stacked to cover longer screws if needed. Because they are unthreaded and placed over the top of the screw, there is no torque involved. The spacer can spin or twist without affecting the application in which they are used.

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#10 Round Unthreaded Spacers
( 552 products )
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#4 Round Unthreaded Spacers
( 304 products )
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#6 Round Unthreaded Spacers
( 736 products )
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#8 Round Unthreaded Spacers
( 736 products )
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1/4 Round Unthreaded Spacers
( 184 products )
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Benefits of Nylon or Plastic Unthreaded Spacers:

  • Round or Hex styles
  • Inch or metric fasteners
  • Mild steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, nylon
  • No torque involved

Spacer Materials:

  • stainless steel,
  • brass
  • carbon steel
  • aluminum

Various types of plastic fasteners or nylon fasteners are also available. Spacers can be plated to suit the application or appearance of the paneling.

Order unthreaded spacers from JHP Fasteners or contact us for more information. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to suit your application. Hex threaded or round threaded standoffs are also available.

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