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Nuts in Aluminum, Stainless & Steel w/Zinc Finish

Self-clinching nuts are a common choice for products and applications that require an industrial fastener that provides strong load-bearing threads in sheet metal and other thin-section assemblies. Self-clinching nuts are available from JHP Fasteners and come in a full range of materials and thread sizes (inch and metric).



  • Carbon Steel (finished in Zinc, Clear)
  • Stainless Steel (finished per Passivated ASTM A380)
  • Aluminum (no finish)
  • Thread: Class 2B, MIL-S-7742; (6H ISO Metric).

Suitable for Use in:

  • Carbon Steel – use in materials with HRB-80 or less
  • Stainless Steel – use in materials with HRB-70 or less
  • Aluminum – use in materials with HRB-50 or less

Application Notes:

  • The self-clinching nut is inserted via application of a squeezing force, which is accomplished via use of any parallel press device. The knurled platform must be embedded in the sheet material.
  • Since the clinching process takes place on the fastener side of the sheet surface, the opposite side retains a smooth and flush condition.
  • When proper installation force is used, the threads in the self-clinching nut will not be damaged or distorted.

The success of any industrial or commercial product that requires use of an industrial fastener device is largely dependent upon selection of the appropriate device for that specific product. The up-front choice of the most suitable fastener can save valuable time and cost throughout any product development and production process. At JHP Fasteners, that is our expertise. We have the industry knowledge and experience that will allow us to provide you with expert guidance in the selection of an industrial fastener that will fully satisfy all the unique requirements of your product.

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