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FreeSet RK-777-1 Lite Riveting Tool

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The Rivet King RK-777-1 Lite Freeset is an industry-changing alternative to pneumatics. For the first time with cordless rivet tools, the brushless motor of our Rivet King RK-777-1 Battery Operated Rivet Tools are capable of setting rivets faster than traditional air riveters. 


In today’s competitive environment, the costs for maintenance of compressed air systems are being realized and work areas are more condensed. A tool-free of air, cords, and attachments is now possible with Freeset. The Rivet King RK-777-1 Lite cordless rivet tool can also be equipped with a barcode reader, force sensor and WIFI for process monitoring.


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Rivet King RK-777-1 Lite Series Specifications


Our lite version of the RK-777 battery operated rivet tool series features an 18V battery with a high power brushless motor and work light. The included maintenance management system includes an interval alarm and installs rivets up to ¼”. Additional specifications include:


  • 18V up to (7.5ah) Battery
  • High Power Brushless Motor
  • Work light
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Maintenance Interval Alarm / Buzzer
  • Installs all rivets up to ¼”
  • Cordless


Note: The Rivet King RK-777 Lite does not include the multi-color display or optional features.


Quickdraw Functionality


Our RK-777 Battery Operated Rivet Tools are enabled with QuickDraw functionality. The purpose of this function is to speed up the riveting process and limiting the stroke of the tool to only the stroke needed for effective riveting. This results in a quicker cycle time. Typically, pneumatic tools must reach complete stroke before completing the riveting cycle. The quickdraw function can recognize when the rivet has broken, even before the stroke capacity is reached. The tool will return to home position when it has recognized the rivet has broken. The quickdraw feature can be easily enabled, or disabled.


Rivet King FreeSet Benefits


FreeSet is a groundbreaking technology which offers the freedom of battery operated tools and combines it with smart technologies to provide an interactive riveting experience. The benefits of the FreeSet technology include the following:


Safer Work Environment


  • Eliminates Trip Hazards
  • Improves Ergonomics
  • Improves Air Quality


Reduces Manufacturing Costs


  • Quick Draw Technology drastically increases tool speed
  • Cordless Tools use 99% less energy than air tools
  • No pressure drops caused by compressors
  • No Maintenance of oilers
  • No more supply line leaks
  • Portable and can be repurposed
  • Eco/Green Friendly Reduces CO2 footprint


Quality Assurance


  • Break Load/Installation on Force Measurement
  • Error Proofing features with visual and audible alerts
  • Data logging and access via Excel
  • Increased operator/supervisor awareness
  • Increased supervisor or engineering
  • No cords to dirty or scratch painted or finished surfaces
  • Test and compare batches of rivets
  • Test tightness and set to a specific setting force
  • Ensures the correct number of rivets has been installed


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